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Our Strength...

At Velveleen we work following a set of values defined as under:

Dedication to the customer and consumer

We are committed to our customer and their progress. We believe that if our customer is happy then we are happy. We are committed to deliver high standard of product and develop products with the feedbacks from the customer and the final consumer.

Originality and continuous development

We believe in originality in what we do, we seek for inspiration from sources and then add our own ideas to develop something new for our customers and consumers.

Integrity and Ethics

Ethical conduct and social responsibility are the part of our working. We believe in doing the right thing and then stand up to what we do. Honesty and trustworthiness are an integral part of our operations, we can proudly declare that no one can point at anyone at Velveleen and doubt heir integrity.


We believe in learning for continuous improvements. We keep our eyes open to the activities around us and learn from them to improve ourselves. Suggestions are always welcome and taken in good spirit.

Respect for individual

We create and maintain an environment that demands teamwork , job satisfaction, career development and personal fulfillment. We do not tolerate behaviors that show lack of commitment towards objectives, and rewards those who shows exceptional behaviors.

Respect of Law

We at Velveleen give full respect to the Law and maintain our activities in the limits what are permitted in the law. We also ensure that our stakeholders also maintain the same respect when it comes to their personal decisions.
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